Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's growin' on?

Eary this spring I took a training class at Community TV in Hamden to learn how to use a digital camera and editing equipment in order to produce a show for public access tv. I had high hopes of doing a cooking show since everyone keeps telling me I should do one (peer pressure, ya know). Then I started digging in the garden, and became a little distracted...

That cooking show idea is on hiatus while I tend to my Chapelseed garden. I seeded my tiny plot back in April with radish, broccoli rabe, snow peas, snap peas, nasturtiums, tomatoes, stringbeans and basil. If you scroll down a bit, you can see how things looked way back then, a mere 3 months ago. The radish have now been harvested and eaten. The broccoli rabe was enjoyed for a couple meals until it bolted. I've picked an armload of snap peas and the snow peas will be sauteed in a stirfry tonight. I was even lucky enough to have adopted a patch of asparagus from a previous tenant.
Now, the nasturtiums have taken over, spilling past the borders and into my neighbor's plot, though we agree it's nice having their bright and cheerful presence while we water. And the bees love them. The flowers also make a pretty, peppery addition to salads.