Sunday, November 26, 2017

A little help from your (vegan) friends

Thinking about making the transition to a vegan lifestyle? I'm here to help! 

Whether it's through a cooking lesson, wellness jumpstart, hands-on cooking party, group workshop, or corporate wellness retreat, I'd love to show you how easy it is to be vegan. Contact me for a free consultation.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

New Cookbook: Eat Vegan with Me

Get ready to launch! I'm pleased to announce that my new cookbook, Eat Vegan with Me, will be published by Vegan Publishers on December 12.  NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS!! Not simply a cookbook, it is a recipe for vegans who want to transform the dinner table and effect positive social change. If you're frustrated by failed attempts to win over family and friends, look no further than this essential resource for overcoming any obstacle. 

With nearly 100 quick and easy recipes and cooking tips that demonstrate how to go from familiar to fabulous, you're sure to inspire everyone to eat vegan with you. Order your copy here:
Eat Vegan with Me

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

5 Simple Steps

There is no "miracle cure," but if you follow these five simple steps, most chronic health issues (eg., gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, achy joints, fatigue, skin rashes, acne, etc.) can be resolved without medication. I've overcome many illnesses this way and helped numerous clients do so as well. It's empowering and life changing when you realize you have the ability to take charge of your own health. I'd be happy to provide further guidance or refer you to helpful resources if you have any questions.

1) Assess diet for food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities and eliminate all foods that cause inflammation. Add foods and supplements that are anti-inflammatory (eg., dark leafy greens, berries, turmeric, etc.). Choosing the right foods that prevent free radical damage and promote healing are key to maintaining optimal health. 

2) Drink at least 64 oz. (4 pint glasses) of filtered water daily. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to aid the detoxification process. Our bodies need sufficient hydration to carry out necessary physiological functions. 

3) Take digestive enzymes before each meal to aid in the metabolization of food. If digestion is still sluggish, consider doing a fast and cleanse by consuming restorative herbs that support excretion of metabolic wastes, and improve digestion, nutrient absorption, circulation, cellular regeneration, and immune function. The ability to digest and absorb nutrients is how we obtain fuel from food. Good digestion makes a tremendous difference in energy level and endurance. 

4) Get active! Exercise daily, outside in the fresh air if possible, enough to increase heart rate and respiration and produce sweat. Physical movement strengthens muscles and keeps internal organs functioning optimally. 

5) Incorporate daily stress management techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, Reiki, laughter, etc. to relax the body and mind and enhance restful sleep. A calm and uncluttered mind improves concentration and allows us to focus on positive transformation. 

That's it. The process is simple, but as I said, it's not a miracle cure. It takes time for your body to heal. If you've experienced chronic health issues for many, many years, expect that it may take months to resolve them. Know that your body will always return to homeostasis and an optimal state of wellness when given the right fuel. Have compassion for yourself, nurture your health, and take care of your body as if it's the most precious gift you have, because it is.

Mary Lawrence, vegan wellness educator
Well on Wheels