Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Week's Menu

I've always said the key to good vegan food (or food in general, frankly) is having a few really awesome sauces that can be paired with just about anything.  That way you have versatility with menu creation and can instantly create layers of flavor with the addition of just one simple little element.

One of my new creations this week was a decadent cannelini bean pate made with sundried tomatoes, tahini, and lots of garlic.  I did a test recipe myself and served it for my own lunch on top of some gluten-free toast with mesclun greens, but since that wouldn't hold up too well after being refrigerated and microwaved, for my clients I decided to serve it on top of baked polenta and a bed of sauteed kale.  A handful of Daiya cheese and a squiggle of Sriracha top off this yummy treat.

The second entree features crispy pan-fried tempeh with a sweet and spicy Dijon glaze.  To balance the flavors, I combined the protein with baked garnet yam and broccoli.  I also love the bright green and orange contrast.

The third entree this week uses some late season asparagus (of which I'll always be a fan) paired with baked tamari tofu and a shallot cream sauce.  The quinoa is a nice foil to soak up the pool of creamy goodness in the bottom of the dish.

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