Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Week's Menu

The Well on Wheels kitchen was cooking up some spicy dishes this week.  Our clients' favorite was the butternut squash risotto that had a little bit of kick from some curry and some creaminess from coconut milk.  This is a luscious twist on a traditional Italian side dish, and I think it works perfectly during a change of seasons and on chilly evenings.

The curried butternut squash risotto was served with oven baked tofu and vegetable mallum.  In this case, the mallum (or "mix up") was a saute of string beans with shredded coconut and turmeric.

The next entree featured southwestern flavors of cumin and chili powder.  They were used here in Black Bean and Quinoa Cakes topped with Campari Tomato Salsa and Cumin Scented String Beans and Carrots on the side.  This was all topped wit some leaves of fresh cilantro.

The third entree featured an Indonesian Peanut Sauce seasoned with chili powder.  This was tossed with steamed tempeh, broccoli and rice noodles.  In addition to the peanut butter, there was a little added creaminess from coconut milk in this sauce, making for a rich and comforting dish.  

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