Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Cooks

Now that the holiday shopping season is upon us, I'm often asked for recommendations on what to get the chef in the family.  The options can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is not familiar with the great big world of shiny pretty cheffy things out there.  I often draw upon my favorites for gift giving, those classics that stand the test of time. Whether it's big ticket splurges like a Vita-Mix Blender or a set of indestructible All-Clad Stainless Steel  pots and pans, or the more affordable stocking stuffers like a Garlic Press or Microplane Zester, there's always that "perfect gift" to be discovered.

What I've put together for you is a handy reference guide to help get you started in your search.  Some of these are absolute "must haves" for the home chef, like a good chef's knife and cutting board.  Some are gratuitous items that make cooking fun (no one really NEEDS a Doughnut Pan...).  And sometimes chefs just like to be pampered with items they would never get for themselves, but have always dreamed about (personally, I'd be thrilled if someone bought me anything enameled by Le Creuset just because I love all the pretty colors).

So.... here you go, starting with the essentials.

If the budding chef in your family is just setting up his or her kitchen, there are some basics that he or she will need to get started.  While we often use castoffs and hand-me-downs from other family members, wouldn't it be nice to have something brand new in the kitchen for inspiration?

Need ideas?  Read my Kitchen Essentials recommendations.

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