Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Haven Register article on The Traveling Vegan Chef!

I was so excited to be contacted by a reporter from the New Haven Register a few months ago about doing a story on me and my vegan personal chef business.  She had contacted me as a result of seeing a comment I had made on a friend's Facebook post.  Just goes to show how social networking really does make a difference!

And what a thrill it was to finally see myself in print this morning! Sandi Sheldon did a wonderful job of portraying my journey from unhealthy junk food addict to reformed vegan chef and food blogger who now travels the highways to prepare delicious meals in people's homes, helping them make the healthy transformation as well.  I'm happy to give you a peak into that part of my life...

"If you want to eat healthful foods, but you’re cowed by kale and turned off by turnips, you just may need a little help learning how to prepare them.
Mary Lawrence of New Haven, known as the “traveling vegan chef,” is just the one to come to your aid...."
Read the full article here.

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