Saturday, May 24, 2014

Month of Menus

The calendar says May, but it still feels like we're stuck in a rainy April weather pattern.  My menus over the past few weeks have reflected this instability, with some meals being focused on warm comfort foods and others eagerly anticipating more seasonal picnic weather to come.  I have my hopes on a heatwave in the not too distant future so I can start whipping up batches of Chickpea Tuno.

Week One

Soy Sesame Butternut Squash, Kale and Adzuki Bean with Brown Rice

Baked Eggplant Stacks with Tofu Cheese and Fire-roasted Tomato Marinara and Sauteed Kale

Dijon Agave Glazed Tofu with Mashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts Amandine

Week Two

Asparagus and Shallot Risotto with Broccolini, Radish and White Beans

Pan-fried Tempeh with Blackberry Balsamic Compote, Millet and Baby Bok Choy

Tofu Piccata with Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Asparagus

Week Three

Baked Tofu with Cremini Mushroom Gravy, Quinoa and Steamed Asparagus 

Pan-fried Tempeh with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Sesame Mustard Greens

Quinoa Tabbouleh and Chickpea "Tuno"

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