Monday, June 1, 2015

Vegan Culinary Tour of Southeast Asia

Eleven of us gathered together for the third installment of the Vegan Culinary Tour, this time with a Southeast Asian flair, by way of A Dong market in West Hartford.  The first part of the tour took us through the 30,000 square feet maze of aisles where we identified, examined, sniffed and held exotic produce such as galangal, banana blossoms, mocha balls, dried mushrooms, licorice root, and pretty tiffins and melamine kitchenware.  This was followed by a sumptuous Asian inspired vegan lunch at Well on Wheels world headquarters.  Below are the highlights.

group photo outside A Dong 

goodie bags!!

the table filled with items of prosperity and abundance

preparing for the feast

serving the first course

first course:  fresh rolls with peanut satay sauce

second course:  som um green papaya salad with a duo of kimchi

main course:  Indonesian gado gado

side: szechuan baby boo toy

digging in and digging it

my plate

dessert course #1:  mochi and coconut cake

dessert course #2: more mochi and banana coconut custard

dessert course #3: sticky rice and sweet red beans in banana leaf 

dessert course #4:  dragonfruit

cut up dragonfruit

my dessert plate


Joanna said...

That gado gado platter looks so tantalizing. I'll bet everyone couldn't get enough of it. I would want to keep on eating all of the variety of items that were there. When is your next tour? I'd like to be there .

Mary Lawrence said...

Thsnks you for your comment, Joanna. I'm planning the next vegan culinary tour for July, which will be a tour of a tofu manufacturer. I hope you can make it!

John Peter said...

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