Monday, October 26, 2015

A return to Boston Veg Fest

I was thrilled to return to Boston for the 20th Anniversary of the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival this weekend.  Highlights were seeing one of my vegan heroes, Jane Velez-Mitchell, give a rousing talk imploring vegans to get active for the animals.  She gave examples of many recent demonstrations and disruptions which are having a powerful impact in galvanizing support for animals among the general public.  I'm excited to be part of this growing movement!

Jane Velez-Mitchell inspires the crowd to tip the tipping point

Evelyn Kimber, organizer of Boston VegFest

Dr. Kim Allan Williams speaking about the connection between diet and disease

Vegan Treats from Bethlehem, PA, always a crowd favorite

Sabertooth Bakery, Taco Party and FoMu

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