Sunday, July 24, 2016

2nd Annual CompassionFest

I was thrilled to return to the 2nd annual CompassionFest in Hamden, CT yesterday which was bigger and better than ever with over 75 vendors, fabulous speakers including Our Hen House's Jasmin Singer, delicious vegan food, and a slew of workshops for anyone interested in living a more compassionate life. Thank you to the organizers for all of their hard work in making this labor of love a success and for everyone who attended.  Together we are creating a compassionate world.

I spoke about the obstacles many of us face as vegans living in a nonvegan world which received a strong response. Many people could relate to feeling isolated and alienated, but everyone left with a sense of connection and support from the CompassionFest community.  If you missed my presentation "How to Cook Vegan for Nonvegan Family and Friends," you can view it here:


Here are a few highlights from the day's activities.

The Toivo team

G-Monkey vegan food truck

The CompassionFest greeters

vegan-friendly body art

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE)

Vegan CT

Ed Cleveland's soundscape

Jasmine Singer

The Bunnoli

setting up for the livestream of my presentation on Vegan Publishers

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