Sunday, August 27, 2017

New England Women's Herb Conference

This weekend I was fortunate to be able to attenan herb conference with experts in the field of ethnobotany and plant medicine. This was the 30th annual New England Women's Herb Conference held at a camp in beautiful Hebron, NH.

Each year, for the past 30 years the New England Women’s Herbal Conference has brought together women, herbalists, healers, and plant lovers to share their wisdom of the herbs and natural healing. Though the emphasis is on women’s health, healing, and well being, the WHC is also a joyful celebration of women spirit and women’s wisdom, as well as a special time to honor Mother Nature.

In one workshop on flower essences, we learned the energetic properties of some native flowers, including this lovely borage flower. It's easily grown as an annual in New England, and its bright blue flowers make a pretty edible garnish on salads.

Its properties are strength during times of stress, particularly with major life change. That's why borage is known as the courage flower. So plant it in your garden for strength and resilience, and eat some when you need that little boost to move forward in your life.

The founder of the conference, Rosemary Gladstar, led an herb walk across campus where we learned plant stories about native species such as Dandelion, Self-heal, Japanese Knotweed, Goldenrod, Plantain, Lamb's Quarters, Phlox, Jewelweed, White Pine, Elderberry, and a hidden clump of Indian Pipe.

Deb Soule also led a fantastic workshop on designing a Sanctuary Garden: one that is a sanctuary for birds, beneficial insects, pollinators, and people. She runs the wonderful herbal apothecary Avena Botanicals in Rockport, ME. It was a true pleasure to hear her share her plant wisdom with us, including these lovely messages from Native American plant healers.

This was such a wonderful experience and I gained such a wealth of knowledge about the plant kingdom. I look forward to sharing it with students in my vegan cooking classes and presentations.

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