Thursday, January 4, 2018

Eat Vegan with Me book launch

The year ended with the launch of my new cookbook, Eat Vegan with Me, and I officially kicked off New Year's Eve with a book signing at ION Restaurant in Middletown, CT. Thank you to Renana Magee for hosting the event and to everyone who showed up with book in hand or stood in line to purchase one!

In case you missed my talk, I shared my Top Ten Lessons Learned from 20 years as a vegan and read excerpts from my book. Details can be found in Part 1 - Conversations, along with nearly 100 familiar yet fabulous recipes you'll want to share with family and friends.

"Ten Lessons from 20 Years as a Vegan"

  1. Be the vegan you wish you had met before you were vegan (do you remember your first vegan?)
  2. Consider every interaction a teaching moment and a learning opportunity
  3. Ask open-ended questions and seek to understand and connect, not “win” an argument 
  4. Don’t get attached to reaping results; scatter seeds instead 
  5.  Keep a "being vegan" journal, write, reflect, then let go
  6.  Guilt is debilitating; accountability is empowering
  7.  Even vegans are human; be there to help each other
  8.  Be kind to yourself first
  9.  Our movement doesn’t need heroes; our movement needs regular, ordinary people like you & me to take action and speak up
  10.  Change requires discomfort, but it's worth it 

And one more - bonus material - when you speak the truth, you discover you're not alone. Never be afraid to say the word "vegan" or identify as vegan. You may just be that person somebody was desperately looking for. 
I'm here for you. Happy New Year!   

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