Friday, May 9, 2008

From the garden

I love a good spring rain. Particularly on days after planting. The birds are happy, the plants are happy, and all that makes me happy, too. It's Week #3 at my Chapelseed community garden and already the fruits of my labor have been realized. Snap peas, snow peas, radishes, broccoli rabe, broccoli and nasturtiums are all popping out. I just transplanted some basil, and in another week I'll add a few tomato companions. If I can manage to squeeze in a couple mounds of Italian zucchini in my little 6' x 10' plot, I will be doing that, too.

The place already looks beautiful, and it's so nice to be serenaded by mockingbirds while laboring away in the warm sunshine. Today is a day of rest as plants soak up the moisture and grow big and strong.

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