Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cooking lessons

Last week I spent a few days with a Long Island couple who are learning how to eat vegan. The husband had been diagnosed with diabetes and his doctor recommended that he change to a plant-based whole foods diet in order to lose weight and manage his condition. I was happy to help make this transition easy for them!

We spent an evening together cooking a hearty, yet healthy, menu which started with a bowl of Gingered Winter Vegetable Bisque topped with Spiced Pepitas.

The main course was Sweet and Sour Seitan with Broccoli and Red Pepper on Brown Rice. And to reinforce the message that healthy food can also include a delicious dessert, I had to introduce them to the wonders of raw food - Yes, you CAN have dessert if you're diabetic and NO, you don't need to use Splenda to satisfy your sweet tooth. This one was as beautiful as it was delicious, a Fresh Fruit Tart with Nut Crust.

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