Thursday, April 23, 2009

Legislation followup

I'm so excited that the Dissection Choice Bill PASSED in the CT House! This means that kids who don't want animals killed for science class dissection projects can have another option. It always used to make me sad seeing those poor little fetal piggies on the lab table drenched in formaldehyde.


4/22 UPDATE: Dissection Choice Bill (HB6565) was passed by CT House 114-32!!

We now need you to contact your Senators and urge them to support the bill as well!

Dear Connecticut residents and animal advocates,

This afternoon, we learned that thanks to the support of compassionate people around the State, the CT House of Representatives voted 114-32 to pass HB6565 -
An Act Concerning a Policy Regarding Dissection in Classrooms (, that will allow students to opt-out of classroom animal dissections. The bill will now be referred to the Senate floor and could come up for a vote any day. Students and animals are counting on you to urge your State Senator to vote in favor of this important legislation.

You can find contact information for your Connecticut State Senator here:


Title: Please SUPPORT HB 6565

Dear Sen. NAME:

Please vote in favor of An Act Concerning a Policy Regarding Dissection in Classrooms (HB6565). This bill overwhelmingly passed through the House on April 22 and would prohibit educators from requiring students to participate in animal dissections as part of classroom instruction, thereby protecting students in our State who have objections to harming animals as part of their education. HB6565 would place Connecticut in line with 15 other states that have passed similar laws and resolutions that create more inclusive learning environments for students and encourage the integration of educationally-superior, humane learning methods in science curricula.

Thank you.


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