Sunday, April 26, 2009

ZuZu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation

I think I finally found the perfect makeup! I had been using Zia pressed powder for the longest time, ever since dumping my high school sweetheart, Cover Girl. It's a cruelty-free makeup made with natural ingredients and it was available at my local health food store. But then they stopped carrying it and I was at a loss.

I temporarily switched to Ecco Bella (which interestingly has a new gluten-free line), but it was so expensive and didn't last quite as long. It seemed I was buying a new compact every month and you you have to buy the entire thing instead of just a less expensive refill. At $27.95, I was feeling the pinch. Plus, they kept running out of my shade.

This week I was waiting in line at FoodWorks in Guilford and caught my eye on their makeup display (how sneaky to put that stuff up by the registers). When I saw the row of little pressed powder samples by Gabriel Cosmetics, I couldn't resist testing them. I'm glad I did. The texture is smooth and silky without being greasey, and velvety soft without being flakey. I hate it when powder flies everywhere and makes me sneeze. This didn't happen with the ZuZu Luxe dual powder foundation. At $21.95 it wasn't cheap, but after using it for a week I feel as if I've barely scraped the surface, so I think it will last longer than the others.

And it feels so refreshing to wear, leaving my face with a healthy natural glow rather than a shine. This is the most natural looking and feeling cruelty-free, vegan makeup I've come across and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has been searching for that elusive combination. Wear in good health!

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