Sunday, June 5, 2011

Father's Day roundup

Getting ready to fire up the grill for Father's Day?  Or maybe you've already warmed it up on Memorial Day and want to try something different this month.  Either way, there are some great menus to discover for the vegan dad who enjoys his food cooked in the good old outdoors.  Here are some sites to check out for inspiration:

Father's Day Vegan Barbecue - Vegetarians in Paradise put together this fabulous menu for dad that includes skewers of seitan and veggie kabobs which heat up nicely on the grill.

Dad's Day Afternoon - Great title, and great recipes from Vegetarian Times.

Eco-friendly Vegan Father's Day - A complete menu of appetizer, entree, beverage, and dessert recipes that are environmentally conscious and vegan.

"Cheesey" Tofu Scramble - Why not surprise dad with breakfast in bed?  This video shows you how to get dad's day off to a hearty and heart-healthy start.

Gifts for Dad - Vegan buying guide for dads who love to cook.... and brew beer!

Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the Father's Day sources. They will be very helpful as I prepare my Father's Day dinner/meal.

Mary Lawrence said...

I think anything fired up on the grill will be a hit. My favorites are barbecue tofu, veggie kabobs, and my mom's extra yummy thin sliced potatoes!