Monday, September 12, 2011

Farmers Market Windfall

This weekend I dropped by City Seed's Edgewood Park Farmers Market in search of summer squash.  I was looking for some heirloom and unusual varieties to bring to my cooking demonstration at the Southington Public Library this Thursday where I will be giving a presentation on "Cooking the Garden Harvest."  While my quest proved unsuccessful, I instead happened upon some unexpected treasures.

I was captivated by the lovely display of organic veggies on Riverbank Farm's table, and shifted gears when I saw the wide variety of baby eggplants, sweet red peppers, cipolini onions, and baby potatoes.  I decided on the spot that this would make the perfect dinner.

I lingered at the market chatting with vendors as they closed down and packed up shop.  To my pleasant surprise, one vendor walked over to me with a bag of little pears, slightly blemished, though nonetheless perfect, and asked if I wanted them.  Really??  Of course!  Two made an ideal treat to refuel me after spending an afternoon in the sun.

Feeling satisfied and looking forward to my dinner, I contemplated leaving, when that same vendor returned with a box of veggies, asking if I wanted them.  Seriously??!  "But I don't want to take them away from a food pantry or anywhere you might be donating them," I said.  "We're just going to throw them out otherwise," she replied.  Well then... you don't have to twist my arm.  So I left with a garden harvest in a box.

Nightshade Sautee:  baby eggplant, potato, sweet red pepper and 
cipolini onion with fresh basil

That, plus the amazingly fresh and delicious dinner I prepared later in the evening, made for the perfect ending to a lovely late summer day.

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