Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raw Food Lesson

This week's raw request was for another savory nut pate. I did some research and discovered several recipes for mock salmon pate as well as crab cakes, both of which looked delicious. I combined some elements, tweaked the measurements, and ultimately came up with a version that worked really well without garlic, onion or peppery spices for my client. The mock salmon patties are topped with a raw Gomasio made from white and black sesame seeds, Dulse flakes, and sea salt, which gives them a crunch reminiscent of that deep-fried coating of crab cakes.

And of course, you have to have tartar sauce when it comes to fried seafood patties, right? So I did a little more research and found an excellent recipe for creamy dill sauce by Cherie Soria that's made with soaked cashews and lemon juice. I also tweaked it a bit to suit the needs of my client, but we were both pleased with the results. Nothing beats the aroma of fresh dill!

For dessert, we needed to prepare something for a few "regular" people who are new to raw food. I decided that my fresh fruit tart with date nut crust would be the perfect solution. It's something everyone loves, and it looks so beautiful. In the center are some lovely little wild blueberries, and blackberries garnish the perimeter.

I hope dinner was a success!

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