Monday, March 22, 2010

Meatout Recap

I hope everyone had a blast celebrating the Great American Meatout this weekend.  Have you made a pledge to go vegan?  It's easy if you start with some great recipes. At the Well on Wheels cooking class, we toasted the first day of Spring with an Equinox Elixir made with pear, pineapple, banana and kale.

This was followed by a warm Potato Leek and Fresh Asparagus Soup topped with Wild Garlic Chives.

Looking at the leeks

The main course was Walnut "Neatballs" in a Vegan Bechamel Sauce with Quinoa and Steamed Kale.  This required a little hands-on assistance from some willing volunteers.  

Getting into the mix

Thank you, Jeff and Linda!

Lovely little rows

We finished the evening with a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and Raspberry Sauce.  


The alchemy of hot water and chocolate

Thank you everyone who attended, and to Camden and Dianna for the fantastic action shots.  If you would like to see more photos from the event, click on the link here.

Special THANKS to my helpful assistant:  mom!!  :)


Anonymous said...

Everything was yummy! Those "neatballs" were especially tasty. I would like to make them for a friend but she is allergic to nuts. Can you suggest a substitute for them? Also, I was hesitant to try the Elixir but it was so refreshing on a warm, spring day.

Mary Lawrence said...

I'm glad you liked everything! I don't know if there's a suitable substitute for the walnuts since they were a large component of the recipe. Maybe you could try substituting crumbled tempeh, though that might make them a little too moist. It's definitely worth experimenting since all the other ingredients work well together.

Anonymous said...

everything was delicious! can't wait to do this again soon.

Mary Lawrence said...

I'm hoping to have an outdoor event once garden starts growing this summer. Stay tuned!