Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Night's Dinner

I'm so fortunate to have clients who rave about my food and tell others how much they enjoy it.  A frequent comment I often receive is "it must be amazing for you to eat like this all the time."  well... umm... I shouldn't admit this, but... when it comes to my clients it's nothing but the best.  Yet, when I cook for myself... I just want super quick and easy, I work with whatever's on hand, and I don't often fuss over what the final product looks like.  Still, it's hard to go wrong with tasty vegetables.

So, last night I was working with half a zucchini, half a can of crushed tomatoes, and half a can of pinto beans left over from cooking for a client earlier in the day.  I also had a really, really ripe avocado and a small head of red lettuce that were on the verge of turning to compost in my fridge.  I decided on a salad topped with a Mexican style veggie sautee and sliced avocado.  I sweated an onion in olive oil, added the half moons of zucchini, then stirred in some aromatic cumin and chili powder.  Then I deglazed with the crushed tomatoes and a little water, and seasoned with salt and a few twists of fresh black pepper.  In 15 minutes I had a delicious and satisfying meal.


Anonymous said...

You would never know that "Last Night's Dinner" was constructed with leftovers. I wish I could be so creative. Everything looks so appetizing and delicious with all of the textures you included.

Mary Lawrence said...

Thank you - that's so nice of you to say! Whether leftover or not, it all tastes good!