Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Restaurant Review: 6 Main, Chester, CT

I've been meaning to take a drive all summer to the quiet little hamlet of Chester, CT so I could sample the town's newest culinary addition, 6 Main, a vegetarian restaurant housed in a former bank. This sounds like an unlikely combination, but once inside you forget the room's history and instead focus on the food.

From the outside, the exterior with its "Savings Bank" title written into the yellow brick could leave one wondering if dinner would be served upon entering, but the bright red patio umbrellas and the renovated interior with its soothing blue hues and warm wood floors were reassuring.

The one page menu included simple dining options such as soup, salad, panini, pasta, and a couple of raw items, making ordering relatively easy.  Several of the items featured local eggs and dairy from the owner's farm.  Since I wanted to eat vegan and gluten-free, I chose a raw entree and dessert.

The entree featured a southwest raw wrap made from a collard leaf filled with sunflower seed pate, pepitas "chorizo," guacamole, cabbage and jicama slaw, and salsa.  The wrap was served with a side of some dehydrated flax seed crackers.  Overall, this dish was tasty, but at $15 I was left feeling like I wished there was more to it:  either more garnish, prettier presentation, filling... or all of the above.

For dessert I had the raw key lime pie which was garnished with brandy soaked strawberry sauce.  The first bite packed a powerful sweet-sour punch that took me by surprise considering the very mildly flavored entree.  I eagerly dug into each rich and creamy forkful, savoring the contrasting flavors and textures.  I'd highly recommend ending a meal with this treat.

The location is perfect, set along a babbling stream with windows overlooking the strollers and window shoppers on Main Street.  It's a nice way to spend a leisurely summer afternoon.

Chef Rachel indicated a cooking class series would be starting in September, so this is sure to be a fun gathering spot once the weather gets cooler.  I'll be looking forward to seeing what new seasonal items will be added to the menu.


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