Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This week's menu

My garden is overflowing with yellow squash, and I keep trying to come up with new ways to serve it. Last night I made ratatouille for a class I'm teaching in West Hartford. It was delicious (as were the leftovers which I inhaled for lunch today).

For this week's menu, I sauteed the yellow squash with red onion, then tossed it with a lovely tapenade made with black & green olives, walnuts, garlic, capers, fresh basil, olive oil and sundried tomatoes. I think this will become a regular dinner item for me this summer.

I served it alongside red and white quinoa and baked tofu that had been marinated in tamari, tahini and toasted sesame oil, which gave it the perfect lightly crisp coating. The shades of tan were very soothing, and the flavors and textures complemented each other well.

This Week's Meals:

#1 Baked Tofu with Sauteed Yellow Squash and Olive Tapenade on Red and White Quinoa
#2 Chana Masala with Green Beans and Quinoa
#3 Shiitake and Portobello Stroghanoff with Zucchini and Fusilli Pasta


Vaishali said...

I love the sound of that sauteed squash with tapenade. My zucchini squash are coming out faster than I can keep up with them, and I am putting this on my list of must-make dishes. Yum.

Mary Lawrence said...

That's great your zucchini is doing well, too! The tapenade is delicious with veggies, and it's also nice tossed with pasta or spread on toasted baguette. Enjoy!