Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Vegan Birthday

My mom really outdid herself this year for my birthday (thank you, moms!!).  She took a recipe for vegan chocolate cake I gave her many, many years ago and made it gluten-free, then added some strawberry preserves between layers, slathered it with a chocolate tofu icing, and topped it all off with fresh strawberries and raspberries.  Even non-vegans would approve.

It's rare that I bake desserts these days (and even rarer that I eat them), so it was nice to indulge in some chocolate decadence for a change.  This cake was rich, moist, dense, and as delicious as it looks.  I can't believe she managed to slice those thin little cakes into 4 layers - amazing!

From now on I know who to recruit when I get requests for vegan cake!  When's the next celebration?


Dianna said...

looks delicious!! send me some?

Mary Lawrence said...

You'll have to discuss that with my mom.