Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fresh from the Farm

I've got my eye on Zucchini #2 in my garden.  I think he will be a perfect addition to the Green Gazpacho I will be making for a cooking segment on WTNH this Tuesday.  I did a preview of it for the first course of the "Fresh from the Farm" class I'm teaching for West Hartford Adult Ed. It's ideal for a hot and sticky day of temperatures in the 90s.

The whole meal was pretty summer friendly since no oven was involved.  We started with the Green Gazpacho, a cool soup made with local produce supplied by the lovely people at Hindinger Farm just up the road from me in Hamden.

The entree was a recipe made with local sweet corn, Black-eyed Pea and Sweet Corn Croquettes.  I made these as patties and served them on a mesclun salad mix, but you can probably drop them freeform into a pan of hot oil and make fritters.  Either way, served with a dollop of Basil Pistou on top, they're delicious.

For dessert we made a simple Chocolate Pudding with Fresh Strawberry.  The secret ingredient in these is Mori Nu Silken Tofu, but no one has to know.  :)  I think everyone would agree it was a yummy treat at the end of the night.


Eric said...

Bravo to you Mary, and everyone who starts with peace in the kitchen. You are creating peace, most literally, along with harmonious food comes the love! Let it grow all around and within you. Kudos to vegetarians and all going vegan.

Mary Lawrence said...

Thanks, Eric, that was so sweet. Having a garden filled with Mother Nature's goodness makes it easy to spread the love!

Anonymous said...

Your Green Gazpacho looks yummy. I make the tomato version and enjoy it. It will be great having this version to use when the zucchini is plentiful. Thanks a bunch.

Mary Lawrence said...

I like the traditional tomato version, too, but this one's a nice alternative. And it really does cool you off on a hot, sticky day like today!