Sunday, April 10, 2011

This week's dinner

People often ask me what I cook for myself for dinner, assuming it's some wild and adventurous experiment every night.  While I'd like to think I'm creative with even the humblest of meals, I tend to opt for what's quick and easy.  And in the case of dinner earlier this week, I went with a simple stir-fry... with a slight twist.

The base was red onion, carrot, and broccoli which I stir-fried with some peanut oil in a hot pan.  

Next, I panfried some tofu with a little tamari and toasted sesame oil.  When this was browned and lightly crisp, I transferred all the veggies back into the pan and added some chopped pistachios and wild garlic chives from my yard.  So, that was the little creative twist to this still so simple stir-fry.  And, just to get a little more cheffy, I topped it all off with a basil chiffonade.  Woo!

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