Monday, October 10, 2011

This Week's Menu

Even though the thermometer outside says something like 82 degrees, it's really fall, and many of my favorite veggies of the season are beginning to make an appearance at the grocery store and on my menus.  So this week I was inspired to make use of the giant head of cauliflower I found perched proudly in the produce aisle.

The first entree uses cauliflower in an unusual way:  cutting it into thick slices and panfrying the slices until caramelized.  This process brings out the cruciferous vegetable's natural sweetness, and when combined with a savory basil cashew cream sauce, the flavors balance perfectly.

The second entree filled the kitchen with aromas of southern style crispy chicken (in a good way), which brought my client in for a peek to see what was cooking.  I combined the baked tofu cutlets with colcannon, a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes and kale, and some blanched carrots.

The third entree featured panfried tempeh and more cold weather veggies.  These were dressed in an agave Dijon mustard glaze for a nice boost of sweet and spicy to balance the bitter greens.  It was a simple presentation which packed a surprising flavor combination.    

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