Thursday, January 5, 2017

Restaurant Review: Indigo Indian Bistro

I love going to this place.  In fact, I've told everyone how good it is so many times that I figured I should finally write a blog post to spread the word even further.  They specialize in South Indian cuisine and make some of the best dosas around.

It was a cold and blustery winter morning, and after I finished a bunch of errands I found myself starving and craving Indian food.  Since Indigo Indian Bistro in Manchester, CT is just a quick drive from Hartford and mere seconds off the highway exit, I knew where I was headed for a late lunch.

The daily buffet here is an incredible bargain at just $9.99 on week days and $13.99 on weekends.  There are typically at least 4 vegan entrees, along with a couple of hot appetizers. chutneys, rice, bread, and sometimes even a vegan dessert.

Today's array of delicacies included a spicy Tadka Dal, Mangalorean Vegetable, Baiti Baingan, curried shredded vegetable, and pakora.  They were all tasty, and did an excellent job of cleaning my sinuses.

I was pleasantly surprised by the dessert, a stew-like mung bean jaggery.  It had the consistency of lentils but with the sweet savory flavor of unrefined cane sugar tempered in a coconut sauce.  I think on a cold day I'd be happy with just a steaming bowl of this dessert.   It was a nice ending to a delicious feast.

The atmosphere is quiet and calm, perfect for a leisurely lunch.  My server was attentive without being intrusive, and my water glass was filled without the need to even request it.  I hadn't realized the vegan dessert was on the buffet because it was near the meat dishes which I avoided, but she let me know about it and made a point to serve some for me.  I felt like my needs as a vegan were well met, and I'd be confident to return knowing I can trust my servers to bring me dishes without any animal products.  So when you go, proudly say you're vegan and I can guarantee you'll be treated well!

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