Friday, January 13, 2017

Vegan Nation Interview

It was a pleasure speaking today with Marlene Narrow, host of the online radio program, Vegan Nation.  We discussed my background as a vegan educator and activist and how a health crisis lead me to live a more purposeful life on behalf of the animals, people, and the planet.

If you missed the program, you can listen to the archived show right here:

One listener writes,
Mary Lawrence is astounding. The details of her formidable achievements and accomplishments could fill an entire program. She is easy and engrossing to listen to. I can see that she is a great teacher. I was avid for every second of the show. Mary communicated powerfully and yet it was evident that she is, as you noted, humble, which adds to the power of her words and her engaging force as a speaker. What ran through my mind was that Mary seemed to me like the embodiment of the phrase: "If you want something done (brilliantly!), ask a busy person!" I loved this show!
Please listen in and enjoy the show!

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