Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vegan Resolution presentation

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking before a group of about 50 people who had come to learn about how to be a healthy vegan.  The theme of the presentation was "Vegan Resolutions," for anyone who had made a New year's resolution to go vegan.  I was happy to learn that almost half the audience were vegan and the rest were, as I like to call them, "pre-vegans" - those who came because they were curious, but not yet ready to commit to making a change.

There was interest right from the moment people walked through the door and saw a beautiful array of vegan snacks out on a table generously provided by the Unitarian Universalist Society's sustainable living committee for them to sample.  Conversation was lively and everyone was primed to learn more about how to make these delicious foods just from plant-based sources.

It comes as second nature to me now, having been vegan for nearly 20 years, but I remember one of the first vegan meals I ever ate at a restaurant and being shocked that you could make ravioli with a béchamel sauce without using any butter or cheese!


I imagine there were many people in attendance here who had the same reaction when eating a layered bean dip topped with melty gooey Daiya cheddar and decadent chocolate brownies.

I shared information about obtaining maximum nutrition on a vegan diet including where to get your protein, iron, and calcium, stocking your pantry with superfoods, and overcoming obstacles to making the vegan transition.  For more information and individualized recommendations, I offer a Vegan Wellness Jumpstart and nutrition coaching services.  Contact me for details!

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