Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dairy-free delights

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing dairy alternatives.  This morning I had cereal with WestSoy vanilla soy milk, but I often use Rice Dream vanilla rice milk.  Either works great as a substitute; in fact, now that I've gotten used to the difference, I think they both taste better than regular cow's milk.  The first time I tried rice milk I thought it was a little thin and watery, kinda like skim milk but without the bluish tinge.  Because soy milk is higher in protein and fat, it's texture is closer to that of real milk.

I've also tried hemp milk and almond milk, both of which have their own distinct flavor and take some getting used to.  But they're high in protein, so they're particularly popular for blending with fruit to make protein shakes and smoothies.  I usually choose the vanilla just because it adds a hint of "desserty" flavor that distracts from the nuttiness.

Pacific Natural Foods Hemp Milk Vanilla, 32-Ounce Units (Pack of 12)
Whatever you choose, you're doing your body good by staying away from the hormones in cow's milk, as well as the added cholesterol.  Non-dairy alternatives have ZERO cholesterol and most are low in saturated fat.  They also work well in baking.  A recent feature in Taste for Life magazine had some excellent recipes for dairy-free desserts.  I think my favorite is going to be the Butterscotch Mousse Pie, which I'm planning to make today.  Who could feel deprived when a slice like this was placed in front of them?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing alternate dairy-free sources. I will be interested in trying them. I am anxious to try the Butterscotch Mousse Pie too. It looks so delicious.