Friday, April 2, 2010

Sticky Fingers

A trip to DC wouldn't be complete without visiting Sticky Fingers Bakery, one of the few all-vegan bakeries in the U.S. (and in my opinion, one of the best, if not THE Best).

As any vegan knows, being able to walk into a bakery and order ANYthing off the menu is a rare treat.  The only problem is it's so hard to decide.  Sure, I could've horded every last morsel in their display case, but there was a line of hungry customers behind me and I had to do the polite thing and save some for them.  So. Hard. To. Resist.

We opted for the sit-down breakfast along with a bag of their signature Sticky Buns to go.  As we waited in line, samples of their oatmeal "Cowvin" Bars became available, making staying on track with our decision more difficult.  Yes, of course, we caved, grabbing a full bar to take with us to the Smithsonian and beyond.  And those sticky buns didn't last very long.

I had to try the Biscuits and Gravy since it's something I never make due to my gluten sensitivity.  It's almost entirely made of wheat:  light and crumbly flour biscuit in a gravy thickened with a wheat-based roux, dotted with crumbled wheat gluten soy sausage.  Ahhh... so not good for me, but soooo delicious.  As if this wasn't satisfying enough, the B&G were served with a side of crispy rosemary homefries, tempeh "bacon," and a decent portion of tofu scramble.  This kept me going through the afternoon.

Thank you, Sticky FIngers, for a hearty start to my weekend in DC.  I'm already counting the days till my return visit!  Maybe AR 2010...?

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Ben said...

Wow...I'd just love to put some Earth Balance on that roll and eat it up!